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Working the Land: Cape Verdean Immigrant Agricultural Communities in Southeastern New England in the early-mid Twentieth Century.

Moniz, Miguel. 2023.

Journal article

Memories of (Un)Freire literacy policies in Southern Africa from the 1970s on: telling the (hi)story through life histories and photography of (dis)empowerment in Mozambique (em curso)

Carvalho, X.. Lusotopie. 2023. 2023. https://journals.openedition.org/lusotopie/4903 . Published

Journal article

Achegas para un refraneiro tradicional do Corgo

Ladra, Lois. Lvcensia. 85 - 108. 65. XXXII. 2022. Published


Hunsrückisch: inventário de uma língua do Brasil

Silveira, Mariela; Ana Carolina Winckelmann; Ana Paula Seiffert; Angélica Prediger; Chari Meleine Brevers Gonzalez Nobre; Cléo Vilson Altenhofen; Gabriel Schmitt; et al. Garapuvu. Florianópolis, Brazil. 2022. Published

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Understanding visitors at tourist sites to protect great apes from disease

Nuno, Ana; Chesney, Chloe; Maia Wellbelove; Bersacola, Elena; Gladys Kalema-Ziksoka; Fabian Leendertz; Amanda Webber; Hockings, Kimberley. 29-07-2022. https://relationalthinkingblog.com/2022/07/29/plain-language-summary-understanding-visitors-at-tourist-sites-to-protect-great-apes-from-disease/ .

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On the common sense of social reproduction: Social assistance and ideologies of care in austerity Europe

Antonio Maria Pusceddu; Alves de Matos, Patrícia. Dialectical Anthropology. 1 - 20. 2022. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10624-022-09668-3 . Published

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Nuakchot y Bagdad: Baazismo y movilizaciones sociales en Mauritania

Freire, Francisco; Moustapha, Taleb. Rebelarse en el desierto: Movilizaciones políticas en el Oeste Sahariano (1932-2020). Alberto Lopéz Bargados; Francesco Correale. Bellaterra. Barcelona, Spain. 2022. Published

Conference abstract

Da Humildade à Finitude Humana: Robert R. Marett e o esboço do papel ontológico da religião na consciência dos limites do humano

Santos Alexandre, Ricardo. 07-09-2022.

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Atherosclerotic calcifications, multijoint osteoarthritis and other health conditions in two skeletons from Largo do Carmo, Lisbon (15th-18th centuries)

Garcia, Susana; Assis, Sandra. 23th European PPA Meeting. Vilnius, Lithuania. (25th-29th August). 25-08-2022.


Mystical Morocco: Performance and Ritual in the Hamdouchiya Sufi brotherhood

Bartel, Bruno. EDUFPI. Teresina. 2022. Published